Preparing for Success - Leveraging Social-Emotional Behavior Data to Plan for Next Year

March 10, 2021 lluminate Education
Preparing for Success - Leveraging Social-Emotional Behavior Data to Plan for Next Year
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While this school year is still in full swing, planning for 2021-22 is gearing up. As you look ahead to programs, practices, and priorities, social-emotional behavior (SEB) data can provide helpful insights. The past year has put everyone’s social-emotional skills to the test. Has your schoolwide social-emotional learning (SEL) program provided the supports students need? Which competencies will need attention next school year? Do teachers need additional professional learning to effectively implement SEL or build their own social-emotional skills?

Listen to this edWeb podcast to hear two leaders in the field of SEB assessment discuss how to use SEB data to:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your SEL programs and initiatives
  • Align resources for the coming year to address deficits and guide instruction
  • Uncover unconscious bias among adults and address inequities

Supporting the social-emotional needs of teachers and students will continue to be a priority next school year. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to use this year’s SEB data as a planning tool to inform your budget and programming decisions, build on student strengths, and address student needs effectively in 2021-22. 

This  edWeb podcast is of interest to preK-12 school and district leaders.

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