Speak Up for America’s Teachers

May 12, 2023 Project Tomorrow
Speak Up for America’s Teachers
Show Notes

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On May 10th, Speak Up Day for America’s Teachers, Project Tomorrow shares a clarion call to action with school leaders. Teachers are confronted with a complex range of issues daily leading to an increase in dissatisfaction and disillusionment with the profession. Media attention often focuses on the low level of teacher compensation, but we know the issues impacting teachers are far more complex and wide ranging.

Here is your opportunity to suspend your assumptions, get the data needed to make effective decisions, and take the necessary action to improve your teachers’ experiences. In this edWeb podcast, we highlight the following:

  • What Speak Up data tells us about teachers, their current views and experiences, and what they need to be more effective
  • How Speak Up data can help you understand the teacher’s voice, generate new conversations, and develop action plans to address these challenges

The Speak Up Research Initiative is the largest collection of authentic stakeholder voices on key educational issues. The project surveys students, teachers, parents, and administrators each year to understand how they view their educational experiences. Speak Up surveys remain open until May 13th—so don’t delay. There is still time to participate.

This edWeb podcast is of interest to K-12 teachers, school and district leaders, and education technology leaders.

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