Speak Up 2022 Congressional Briefing: Release of the National Research Findings

October 18, 2022 Finalsite (new home of Blackboard K-12)
Speak Up 2022 Congressional Briefing: Release of the National Research Findings
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According to 89% of district administrators, the pandemic and the resulting disruptions to traditional education have significantly and sustainably changed K-12 education. The steps undertaken to support continuity of learning have left an indelible mark on the ways teachers teach, parents engage, administrators lead, and students learn. 

In this year’s annual Speak Up Congressional Briefing, we share the latest national research findings to support this conclusion that the long tail impact of the pandemic and the resulting shifts to more technology-based instruction have forever changed our schools – and there is no going back to the past despite any lingering nostalgia for how education was prior to March 2020. During the 2021-22 school year, over 75,000 K-12 stakeholders participated in the Speak Up Research Project representing urban, rural and suburban schools and districts across the country. Their insights and perspectives on how school has changed over the past few years – and what is needed to improve learning experiences for all students is important information for everyone to hear. 

The 2022 Speak Up Congressional Briefing provides a unique opportunity for participation by a wide audience of K-12 education stakeholders. The research data comes to life with a panel of K-12 students from around the country who respond to the findings and provide their own recommendations for improving American education. Other speakers include Kristina Ishmael, Deputy Director of the Office of Ed Tech in the US Department of Education, and Lee Blakemore, President, K-12 Community Engagement at Finalsite, the sponsor of this year’s Congressional Briefing. 

This edWeb podcast is of high interest to school and district leaders, teachers, librarians, policymakers, and all who are interested in the potential of K-12 stakeholder ideas including from students to improve education.

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