Improving Middle School Outcomes: Engaging Families and Empowering Students

July 26, 2022 ParentPowered, creator of Ready4K
Improving Middle School Outcomes: Engaging Families and Empowering Students
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Middle school is a time of growing independence for students (not to mention mood swings and hormones!), leaving many parents and caregivers unsure of how to stay connected and involved with their children’s education. But research shows that family engagement is critical during the middle school years and, when done right, leads to higher GPAs, better physical health, and lower rates of depression and delinquency. 

As you look ahead to supporting student success in the coming school year,  listen to this edWeb podcast to learn what makes family engagement unique in middle school along with strategies to improve accessibility and involvement. You’ll learn:

  • What current research says about early adolescence and family engagement
  • Hurdles to effective family engagement in middle school and how to overcome them
  • The four domains of middle school family engagement
  • Strengths-based strategies for communicating with middle school families

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn actionable, research-based ideas for fostering family engagement that will build a strong foundation to improve academic and social-emotional outcomes for middle school students next year and beyond. 

This edWeb podcast is of interest to middle school teachers, librarians, school and district leaders, and school counselors and psychologists.

ParentPowered, creator of Ready4K
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