Powerful Strategies for Embedding SEL Across the Curriculum

April 27, 2022 Satchel Pulse
Powerful Strategies for Embedding SEL Across the Curriculum
Show Notes

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As educators, we know the life-changing benefits of social and emotional learning (SEL) for all students, but instructional time is already full to the brim to make sure the pandemic learning loss is minimized. Being asked to add something more seems overwhelming. Learning experiences need to be planned for and targeted to the right students at the right time, especially SEL. By using a simple assessment of SEL skills, it is then easy to target the students for effective learning opportunities without adding to an educator’s workload. 

In this edWeb podcast, educators Dr. Tammy Cruz, Faith Smith, and Kelli Helle explain and exemplify simple, time-efficient, practical ways of adding the targeted, explicit SEL skills teaching to lessons. They share their experiences of embedding SEL across the K-12 age range and offer solutions that support SEL across the curriculum. Listen to this session to:

  • Understand how simple assessment of SEL skills can facilitate a targeted approach to SEL skills development in the classroom and school
  • Understand the need for explicit teaching of SEL skills
  • Learn practical and simple ways to embed SEL practices across the curriculum

This edWeb podcast is of interest to K-12 teachers, school leaders, administrators, school counselors, and school psychologists. 

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