Leadership Strategies to Assure Student Data Privacy: The Trusted Learning Environment Seal

March 18, 2022 ClassLink
Leadership Strategies to Assure Student Data Privacy: The Trusted Learning Environment Seal
Show Notes

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Although the concerns and challenges around protecting student data privacy have always been important for school districts, over the past few years these issues have risen in urgency as schools increasingly rely on digital tools for teaching, learning and school district administration. The Trusted Learning Environment (TLE) Seal Program is the nation’s only privacy framework designed specifically for school systems. Schools and districts that complete the process of earning the TLE Seal are able to build strong, effective privacy programs and develop a culture of trust and transparency within the communities they serve. 

In this edWeb podcast the superintendent guest panelists review five critical guidelines for ensuring data privacy in any school system’s use of technology. They also share how school leaders can make data privacy a priority across entire school systems. Each of the school districts represented by the superintendents on the panel has successfully completed the process of earning the TLE Seal. They share how they lead that process and the lessons learned along the way. 

This edWeb podcast is of high value to superintendents, preK-12 school and district leaders, aspiring school leaders, chief technology officers, and other information technology education leaders.

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