Career and Technical Education - Thriving Before, During and After the Pandemic

April 15, 2021 Paxton/Patterson
Career and Technical Education - Thriving Before, During and After the Pandemic
Show Notes

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The pandemic has changed the world of work and the world of education is adapting to redesign the classroom of the future. The goal of this edWeb podcast is to inspire educators to adopt proven strategies for implementing robust CTE (career and technical education) beginning in middle schools through a project-based, hands-on curriculum. 

The CTE leaders share how their vision became a reality as they successfully transformed their middle school CTE program. The learning space redesign allowed students to explore and discover their interests and aptitudes from numerous career sectors aligned with their high school and post-secondary options. Educators also share how increased student engagement addressed the equity needs of underserved and special-needs students to develop confidence in themselves during these challenging times. 

This edWeb podcast learning objectives include: 

  • Develop ideas to improve CTE
  • Learn how to create an implementation plan
  • Discover novel ways for CTE to thrive during the pandemic

This edWeb podcast is of general interest for any educator who is interested in career and technical education, especially educators at the middle school level.

Engage students in problem-based learning experiences as they discover their interests and aptitudes

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