Online Assessment – An Effective, Coordinated, District Leadership Team Approach

July 13, 2020 ClassLink, CoSN, and AASA
Online Assessment – An Effective, Coordinated, District Leadership Team Approach
Show Notes

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As an ever-increasing number of school districts launch online assessments as part of their standard practice, school leaders are learning that the challenges associated with implementing and leveraging online assessments to drive student learning are far more complex than simply adding technology. Today technology is an essential tool for planning, creating, delivering, and evaluating successful instruction. Online assessments are becoming routine within many school settings and are used not solely for summative or high-stakes testing, but also for formative measures of learning as well. It takes a coordinated leadership team effort among multiple district-level departments to execute online assessments successfully.

Listen to this edWeb podcast conversation as three members of the district leadership team from Hampton Township School District in Pennsylvania—including the superintendent, the director of curriculum, instruction and assessment, and the director of technology—share how they collaborate and coordinate their work in order to effectively lead the implementation and use of online assessments within the schools in their district. Nine specific recommendations for planning and implementing effective online assessment infrastructure and programs are reviewed. These recommendations help to ensure that the broader education community of students, teachers, parents, administrators and school board members continue to benefit from the value of online assessments.

This edWeb podcast is of particular value to school superintendents, K-12 school and district leaders, and aspiring leaders.

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