Taking an Evidence-Based Approach to Reducing Absenteeism

June 24, 2020 EveryDay Labs
Taking an Evidence-Based Approach to Reducing Absenteeism
Show Notes

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The edLeader Panel recording can be accessed here.

Chronic student absenteeism is an equity epidemic—it impacts short- and long-term student outcomes and school performance. Each year almost 8 million students are chronically absent for complex reasons, presenting educators with a unique challenge. Listen to Dr. Todd Rogers and Phyllis Jordan in a panel on implementing evidence-based interventions that make a measurable impact on attendance, and, in turn, student outcomes moving the needle on district-wide goals.

District leaders will learn more about:

  • Evidence-based strategies for improving attendance at scale
  • Applying behavioral science insights to mobilize families to support attendance outcomes
  • The need for a higher standard of evidence when it comes to education interventions

Listeners will have the opportunity to hear from a fellow district leader about implementing evidence-based Absence Reports to reduce absenteeism. This recorded edWeb podcast is of interest to kindergarten through high school district leaders.

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